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PROMO d.o.o. is a company from Donji Vakuf that is primarily engaged in the production of prefabricated houses and other facilities. It has existed under this name since 1991, as the successor of the former Prefabricated House Factory (TMK) Donji Vakuf. We pay special attention to the employment of experts from all fields, whether they are architects and engineers in the project bureau and organizational activities, or technicians and craftsmen, who work in direct production. In addition to the production of houses, PROMO also produces peeled veneer, as well as chairs and other final board products.

In our work we strive to be maximally professional and responsible, always at the service of clients, as well as to maintain correct relationships with many business partners and friends.

PROMO sells over 80% of its production abroad, primarily in EU countries. In the future, in addition to continuous technological improvement of the production process, our goal is to further expand the market, which allows us a number of positive experiences of our customers. We believe that a happy and satisfied customer is the best advertisement for our homes and other products.

High quality guarantees

Prefabricated elements are produced in dry and warm halls, ready for assembly, which represents the optimal conditions for achieving high quality. In our production halls we use only high quality materials for prefabricated elements.

We think of nature

We have developed the production of houses that do not harm people and nature. We effectively use and procure our raw materials on the local market and import some from Western Europe. This fact gives us not only an advantage in terms of economic aspect but also in terms of nature conservation.


The developed industrial process, which we own, requires less labor. This, together with the fact that the waste is in small quantities, gives a better price list of our facilities as a whole. We provide good quality and reasonable price.

Fast construction

The mounting elements are easy to install so the construction of PROMO facilities is very fast. Shorter construction deadlines mean net savings for the customer especially during construction. This type of construction minimizes the impact of weather disasters.

Donji Vakuf

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