About us

Promo d.o.o. is a company dedicated to producing, delivering, and building prefabricated houses and other buildings, notably commercial structures such as hotels and warehouses. Additionally, we design bespoke fixtures and furnishings, for example veneered furniture including a wide range of quality, contemporary chairs. Promo is located in Donji Vakuf, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and has operated under this name since 1991 when it took over the former Tvornica Montaznih Kuca – TMK (Factory of Prefabricated Houses). We take pride in employing top experts from all disciplines, notably architects and engineers in our design studios and management offices, and skilled technicians and master craftsmen working on our production lines.

In our work, we achieve the very best in terms of professionalism and responsibility. We are ever-ready to serve our clients, and we sustain and develop mutually beneficial relationships with numerous business partners and friends.

PROMO sells over 80% of its products into foreign markets, primarily EU countries. The emphasis in Promo’s future will be to focus on in-house technological research and development, and to further expand our footprint within current markets. This is already happening by osmosis as word gets out through the widespread, positive experiences enjoyed by past and present clients. We believe that a happy and satisfied customer is the best advertisement for our houses and products.