The MILSTOLPEN project, Örkeljunga, Sweden

The construction of residential apartments entitled Milstolpen in the town of Orkeljunga, Sweden, has just recently been completed. The project came out of the “all-in-one” concept lying at the heart of Prefabricated Houses PROMO Donji Vakuf. PROMO takes a project from its ideas and concept based around site selection, through design, planning, and on into final construction and completion. Milstolpen consists of four apartments, and what we aimed for was the juxtaposition of quality residential units with simple placement and thoughtful orientation, giving plenty of light and offering outstanding insulation. By doing this we achieved interconnected, spacious premises, which provide exceptionally comfortable homes.

The interior space is dominated by the purity of long, white surfaces; simplicity; and minimalistic design. The aim of the exterior architecture was to seamlessly integrate the building’s form into the environment, taking into account the building’s proportions derived from contemporary technological excellence and the human scale.