Why Prefabricated buildings?

High quality guarantees

Prefabricated elements are made in dry and warm workshops and are completely prepared for the assembly. This gives us optimal conditions for reaching the goal of high quality. We only use high quality materials for our prefabricated elements produced in our manufacturing workshops.

We consider the Nature

Production that we have developed does not do any harm to people or the nature. Raw materials that we use in our prefabricated elements are effectively purchased on local and partly on Western European markets. This fact gives us advantage not only in economic aspect but also concerning environmental protection aspect.

Very suitable

Developed industrial process we have, demands much less manpower. This fact gathered up with the fact that we produce only small amount of waste, gives us much better price to our final price list in general. We provide good quality for suitable prices.

Fast construction

Prefabricated elements are easy to assembly; therefore whole construction of Promo buildings takes short time.  Short term of construction brings in clean savings to the investor, especially during the construction itself. Prefabricated type of construction minimizes influence of bad weather conditions.