Project MIlstolpen realized in Orkelljunga, Sweden

The construction of a residential building project named MIlstolpen, recently completed in Orkelljunga, Sweden. This project is part of the total design concept  done by  Prefabricated houses company PROMO from Donji Vakuf, which means that the Promo participated from the beginning of the project, as a project planner, the main contractor and a designer. The building consists of four apartments and desired goal was to place quality residential units, with simple layout, proper orientation, plenty of light and good insolation. In that way we get well-connected, spacious rooms for pleasant stay.
Interior design space prevails by purity of white surfaces, the long views, the simplicity and minimalism in design. Exterior architecture has sought to achieve integration of the building into the environment by the materialization of form, and the proportions are derived from the rules of technical requirements and the human scale.