The first Passive House in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The first Passive House has opened today in Sarajevo (a type of house that uses lowest  minimum of energy for heating and cooling) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was built in a public-private partnership. The house is located in a local community area of Kovači in Sarajevo. The municipality of Stari Grad has provided land for the construction of this building, and our company was the main contractor in this project. As well as Promo being the project holder, 18 partner companys have also participated in the construction of Passive House. After a large number of low-energy houses built  at home and abroad, Promo has built also the first Passive House that of which is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to which we are particularly proud. Our passive house will consume less than 15 kWh / m² for heating or cooling in the course of one year, which is many times less than what the average building consume here. Houses built in "classical" style, in Bosnia and Herzegovina,  consume huge  amount of energy even up to  300 kWh / m². Promo Donji Vakuf will share the use of this facility together with its partners, in promotional and educational purposes only and this house  will also be used by municipality of Stari Grad. Upon completion of this project we have shown to ourselves and to others that we have built a company whose quality of construction follows the latest trends present only in the most developed countries of Europe and the world.