Low-E house


"Ne" house our low-energy house is designed in a way to expose its longer facade, with majority of openings-to south. This facade (side where living room area is) is protected from unfavorable summer sun by wooden blinds what make buildings raised volume accented in her exterior as well. North side of the house is specially protected with fireplace and with extra padded wall with no openings that accumulates heat.
By disposition this house is divided into three sections. As mentioned, this raised living room, dining room and kitchen’s volume, is connected over the small inner garden with a roof terrace, surrounded with master bedroom, additional dressing rooms and bathrooms on one side and children’s rooms on the other side. The very concept of this house erases the boundaries between recreation and housing for what; "NE" house is exactly intended. The roof terrace contributes to the experience of the natural environment’s beauty as only elevated part of the house with specific views.

Technical description

House type: 
Ground houses
177 m²
Mirna Lončarica