About us

Our company is producing prefabricated houses for over 50 years. Today, PROMO is most recognizable as leader in production of prefabricated houses in Bosnia and Herzegovina and proudly stands as one of leaders in the region. Last few years, our export is growing rapidly, especially to some of the Countries of Western Europe: Austria, France, Sweden and Italy. We are also considerably present on Middle Eastern and African market.

Here in PROMO, we offer to our clients-flexible and functional houses, easy to accommodate by individual wishes. Our customers can choose what kind of materials they wish us to use in a production of their house. Architectural design and floor plans of the house they buying are going to depend on: they wishes, they taste and they individual needs. Colors and shapes are variable even with same type of the house, which proves that PROMO houses are specific. We say that standards are for standard people, but such people as standard do not exist.

Course all those 50years of tradition, our goal is to produce house in which people will fill good and comfortable. This way PROMO maintains our customer’s trust, and to us personally, brings enthusiasm to enhance our production constantly.

Accuracy and high quality during the production process, beginning with an idea to the point of finalizing the construction of the house are very important to us. Our ambition is to be improved at least for one class each time. In order to achieve that, we have control of each and every in this process by highly developed system of quality control.

Our years-long experience in development and production of prefabricated houses creates trust for all of you who decide to purchase PROMO house.

Materials we use are high quality, long lasting materials and environmentally completely clean. In accordance to the agreement with investors, we offer different levels of development, in fazes all the way to the’’ Key in hands’’ point.

We owe prestige certificates for quality of prefabricated houses by European standards (OTTO GRAFF INSTITUT, Material Testing Institute, Stuttgart University) and certificate ISO 9000-2001.